Thursday, May 28, 2009

Motherly Impulse

...'Aqrak pernah terlihat Nabi SAW mencium cucu baginda Hassan . Aqrak berkata; "Anakku sepuluh orang banyaknya, namun tiada seorang pun yang pernah aku cium." Sabda Nabi SAW; "Sesiapa yang tidak menyayangi tidak pula akan disayangi."

Ciumlah anakmu kerana pahala setiap ciuman itu dibalas dengan satu darjat syurga. Nisbah di antara dua darjat ialah 500 darjat. Syurga itu ialah sebuah kampung kesenangan, tiada masuk ke dalamnya melainkan orang yang menyukai kanak-kanak.

Barangsiapa keluar ke pekan Muslim dan membeli barang-barang dan kembali ke rumah dengan buah tangan untuk anak-anaknya, nescaya mendapat rahmat daripada Allah dan tidak diseksa di Akhirat kelak. Muliakan anak-anak dengan mengajar mereka adab dan ilmu agama.

Barangsiapa memuliakan anak-anaknya dalam keadaan jahil dia turut menanggung tiap-tiap dosa yang dilakukan oleh anaknya itu dan barangsiapa membekalkan anaknya itu turut diperolehinya...'

Someone should read this. She should. At least to the lines mentioning about those who doesnt love is not loved.

Salam keibuan.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

High Spirit

Since today is the 2nd day blogging, I am still in the high spirit to write (but seriously dunno what to write). Perhaps for these few days of induction, let me just tell more about myself. If it is not for the viewer to read, at least I remember and aware of my footing.. :o)

Ehem! Well.. I consider myself a simple woman. I either love or hate. I love sharing good laugh with family and friends. I aspire to be a good person. I always show what kind of a mood I am in. I think (…keep thinking…) I am quite fair in justice. I dont follow fashion, but I am standing in between simplicity and hijab.

Next is.. am now in the mid age ~ (but still consider myself as youth.. forever youth.. hehehe.. perasan!). Dulu-dulu masa teenager, I always thought I would definitely transformed myself to someone who is more sopan and matured when I turn 30. Now, almost reach the mid needle between 30 to 40, I am still the old me who is jovial, playful, teasing, … mischievous (ye ke? mana ada…) hehehe…

I am. (Hisssh… ye ke? Sapa kata?) hehehe.. iye la tu.. (kot). ~ wah, so hard to ngaku eh? I need my friend to defend me.. please.. (am yet to meng-war2 this blog to my friend.. too bad..) hehehe..

OK, gotta catch something important up. Till then. Will update more soon. (Not to worry, very soon.. tengah beriye-iye kelapa ni..)

Salam semut.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Salam Syria

My First Published Thoughts

Today, feel like time is running slow and boring. To the fact that no superiors around at the office that (free time) allows me to spend my time searching, exploring, rummaging around which finally ended up; me having my own blog!! (Wah.. macam tak percaya.. cayo lahh!)

From now on, I can pen my thoughts here.. on whateva.. (Yes!) hehehe.. macam online diary la kan..? Game on!

See you (you means me ~ myself, since I only have myself who read this today and till I received comments from other who reads this.. hehehe).

Have a pleasant day! Amin.


"It requires wisdom to understand wisdom; the music is nothing if the audience is deaf."