Friday, October 30, 2009

25 Things about Me

These 25 things about myself, I copy-paste from my Facebook, where I've been tagged by my naughty-but-lovely friend. Just to make sure I put everything in place. Easy-retrieval, at the same time, reminding myself that what I wrote down here would remain the same me forever. :o)

1) I love cooking! Yeah.. (hubby sure senyum kambing punya reading this..) Hmm.. to be precise, i love collecting recipe. And just that! Hahaha..

2) I am a sensitive person by nature. I am easily amused and bruised all at the same time. In order to be me, being hurt to some extend is the risk I would take.

3) I am a full-of-love kinda person – or the best way to describe it, is : Jiwang. Hehehe.. I am. Ask my friends how ‘penyayang’ I can be. Hahaha.. I am so passionate about anything and everything I do. I keep on reinventing myself, always try to keep love fresh and interesting. Tapi tu lah, when people don’t do or don’t even have the thought the way I do, I can be so merajuk-mengada kinda attitude. So bad. Sooo bad. I’ll feel like isolated, not loved, not appreciated dan yang sewaktu dengannya, wanna leave everyone, go to a beautiful pulau.. alone! (ceh, alasan nak gi pulau.. hehehe)

4) I talk. Much. Very much. Never want to stop. But when I stop all of a sudden – silent.. be alert. Try to remember what went wrong or perhaps someone (could be you) has said something not right in between. Smell the ‘danger’. Get ready to lift your bum unnoticed. And leave as quick as I kelip my teary eyes. So soft and tender the jiwa.. @ cengeng.. hahaha

5) If I got mad, don’t ever get near. Better run away, bring the permanent home-residents @ cockroach and all the lizards too. They could be dead with the only 5 minute-monster-stare of mine. Better be scared. Don’t play-play.

6) I have always thought the actions of one is the best interpreters of their thoughts. For me, talk is cheap. Only positive action or dramatic gestures will get me back to my good graces. But I might succumb to a gentle persuasion. Nothing heals like comforting words… and ….goodies! :o)

7) I notice myself so investigative. So leceh to have this kind of ‘intelligence’. I have got to stop scrutinizing, analyzing and asking all the whys. (I shall be in the CSI team. But, why CSI? No investigation on alien please. Only human. Man particularly. I am so good in suspecting man. And prove them guilt.) Hahaha

8) There are some people I can never learn to forgive. Tak baik kan? OK, I will. Time helps.

9) I shall look into opportunity (now) to learn and sharpen my knowledge in something for my very-own business.. so that, (berangan dulu) at the age of 40, I am a busy-woman surrounded with handphone, laptop, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry (celup coklat), mobile-fax, tv, antena and everything yg canggih2 la.. (another 5 years, things gonna be more hi-tech kan? Mesti punya..) masa tu, hopefully I already got fixed saving, and have some more properties (of my own) like aeroplane or at least a heli (hello boleh la..). You should see my face in the newspapers, biz mags, and iklan - billboard youu.. (till you feel unexcited anymore to read my exciting success stories).. fuhhh! What an angan-angan! So the-very-the-high! Hehehe..

Aiyoo.. 16 more to go eh? Why so many?

10) I want to be a lovable person. I am a loving person, with hope that people would love me too. Pray that I’ll always become the pleasant me so that all the kindness flow to others, let it benefits the surroundings in its own Allah permits’ way. Amin.

11) I can send message just by gazing through my not-so-brown eyes. :o) Really, my eyes can communicate well without saying.

12) I cant leave home without the eyeliner!! And mascara. Those are my life-saver! And not forgetting the curler. Can be so gelabah without ‘em! (This made the Item No 11 works very well.. till my daughter’s friend said, takut tengok ibu awak, dia cam garang jek.. hahaha)

13) I never won a lucky-draw. Unless the prize they put in order are for all a.k.a everyone must get. Then I get. And the (my) prize would be the first 5 to be called. Normally a key-chain. Or the best I ever got; the wall drill tool set. That if ~ all get. If not, I stand no chance to win air ticket to Paris (amboii..) or at least Langkawi. Or at least 3D/2N at Karambunai.

14) I get super-nervous with cash notes. Yeah, duit. Cant even count ‘em right. Especially when someone is waiting and looking at the way I kira. Sweat all over. Don’t ever try to give me a task to change duit raya at the bank with all the breakdowns; e.g. RM10 = 15, RM5 = 25, RM2 = 30 or whatever itemization lah. It will drive me nuts. What we call that eh? Cash-money-phobic? My hubby said, am one of a kind.. Kelabu mata bila tengok duit. Hehehe.. True. I can pengsan, you know.

15) I hate body odour. Really makes me feel irritated and annoyed if I ever sniffed it, even thru the pass-by smell that brought by the sepoi-sepoi bahasa wind… Aiyoo.. spoilt my day!

16) I don’t like furry animals, though they are cute and lovable. No way. Don’t bring that real bear please. I’ve already got one. Smell nice and not so furry, live and kickin’. :o) (~love that bear to bits!)

17) I like black. And white. And light pink. Brown also. Eh, grey also lah. Why so many I like? But.. those are dull and pale colours. Like no life ("Cam tak idup..") – my Mak said. Pucat la maknanya tu.. Hehehe… yeah, I just love pale colours. Don’t give me striking colours – made me look like a walking/moving/mobile kindergarten! - - with kid in it. Hehehe

18) Those days – when I was small, (now still consider myself ‘small’, ok? Hehehe), I helped Mak sell nasi lemak and kuih-muih at school and when I become anak dara (sweet 17), I was the sales person… at the stall in front of my house, only after Mak found that one-of-a-kind character of mine dealing with cash, plus the way I (always) do some charity works by giving-away kuih and more sambal to those pity-face children and young & handsome chaps, I’ve been transferred to the back of the kitchen, only to prepare, send and drop all the kuih-muih for Mak to sell herself! Hehehe… I was no more the front-liner ever since. (It was a demotion, tell ya..) hehehe.. but, that made me anak dara Johor sejati, who knows how to make traditional kuih-muih, who still wear kain ikat tali perut.. (ehem… don’t think you ever heard of this, but arwah Murni and I were the only anak dara who still ikat their kain baju kurung this way those days…)

19) I love motorbike. I cant hear the vrooom that really can rock my soul. It's like stopping my heartbeats to hear those vrrroooooom…. Pengsan.

20) Do you guys aware that I have two names? And the difference is only the R & Z? N** H****R* is my first name. Separated by an @, my second name is N** H****Z*. I don’t like to fill form which requires me to put real name as per IC. Leceh tau. Normally, not enough box to fit in all. That’s my problem. For me, it’s a thought-provoking why need to register both? Why only the alphabet; R and Z? Mak wanted Z. Arwah Abah wanted R. Couldn’t they just decide one? But, Allah the Almighty knows everything beyond. Subhanallah. One day, something popped into my poor mind out-of-the-blue. Know what? My name tells a story of my life. My ex-hubby’s name started with an ‘R’. And the second marriage, I married to Mr Z. Allah SWT is indeed the Almighty Powerful and we are all such weak, vulnerable human beings.

21) I am conservative, but extremely tolerant and out there! Just don’t judge a book by its cover.

22) Our family – both sides, are jam-packed with twins. Mak got her twin brother. (Psst… pair lah, she’s the girl..), my brother is twin boys. My cousins – many-many twins. You get confused each time. Which is which, whose who. Pair, boys, girls.. but just double. Never triplet, quadruplet, or octuplet as yet. :o)

23) Don’t ask me to go for a reflexology. Someone probably ‘ll be dead just by the kick. Not my fault. It’s an auto response; subconsciously. Don’t go near my foot. Don’t be so kind and gentle. It’ll end up with not-so-kind misfortune. Again, it’s an auto response; unintentionally.

24) I am a simple and a fair individual. Unattractive yet cheery. Unappealing yet pleasing. Friendly yet dangerous. Harmless yet destructive (self laaa..) Hehehe.. No la, in one word I describe myself : Moderate.

25) Eh, dah 25? OK.. last one, I was a breech-ed (songsang) born baby. And till now, I read newspapers and mags from the last page. And I cut everything from the wrong side of ‘em. And I always do things from bottom to top. Agama jangan songsang, sudah. Allah, guide and give me hidayah please. Amin.

Hey, finally I managed to list out 25 things about me.. only 25? Write more, can or not? :o) Cukup la tu.. ye dak? Too many things to disclose (the weirdo me) hehehe

Friends, I love all of you who reads this. Thanks for the being such supportive and loving friends. Thanks a lot. May Allah bless all of you and keep you safe. Amin.


Again, that's the copy-paste version, those who read this, I still extend you my thanks.

Salam the ceria me to all. May peace be upon you.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You Know Who You Are

Please dont lie to me, unless you're absolutely sure I'll never find out the truth.

Nak Kurus Dengan Sihatnya

I nak kurus. Bukan sekilo dua ok? Jangan tak cayo, berangan nak shed 10 kg off. Untuk langkah pertama yang effektif, I have challenged one of my officemates to reduce at least 5kg till the next following month. She accepted. Dia pun dengan cita-cita nan tinggi untuk menurunkan berat badannya begitu juga saya. Oleh yang demikian, dengan azam yang penuh membara.. kami musti bulehhhhh! Yehh!

Objektif terdekat, I shall be 67 and below kg (bukan gram) on the 20th November 2009. Kalau tak, kena bayar kat Zal (mesti nak kena ada denda, kalau tak.. sesuka hati mokcik jek nak buat ke tak gitu..)

Well, there are many parts yg nak kena 'let go'.. hehehe... especially the lower ones.. Kus semangat.. berdozen-dozen semut tak sempat ngucap kalau terduduk ataih depa tau.. ahaks!

Petang ni, pukul 5 start minum Jus Mate 5 tu. (I should mention what I take, gitu.. kan?). Hope it works. Insya Allah. Harap-harap I dapat kawal makan. Nak kurus, nak kurus.. (mesti selalu ingat..)

Till then, Cik Mok yg manis (hahaha) sign off with high hope to be in a slim shape with an hour-glass curve in a month' time. Aceewahhh! (Tak agak-agak..)

Yes! We go!!


My present-rented-out humble apartment

"Banjo cheese, late-night tosei, no fan nor aircond, bath once a day, apple aromatheraphy, etc.."
Anyway - the past ~ I miss.
But, there were all such a mixed bag.
And - the present ~ I believe.
Life sometimes gives us a second chance.
Whenever we decide something with an open heart, we usually make the right decision.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

One Weekend

Steamboat, anyone?

Home picnic

Muhsin : Ok ye semua.. C ya!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Little Appreciation, I Need

"If you can't appreciate what you have got then get what you appreciate."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When You are not Here

When you are ill,
our sun goes under a cloud
everything seems in shadow

When you aren't feeling well
we feel the lack of your glowing energy and contagious vitality

When you are sick
we feel incomplete,
like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece;

Please rest and take good care of yourself..
...and feel better.

We miss you and want you back.

Get well soon, dearest HuBby..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

After Raya Blogging

Hehehe.. see, I forgot I have a blog to update. I forgot my first intention to have a blog. Teruk betul. (Actually, I remember – once a while, it’s just that I don’t have time to slot for blogging). Wait! Is time really the reason? Hehehe.. ok lah.. no. That procrastination problem that live long inside me that engendered me why. Unfavorable. It’s bad. I know. Help. (Is it unhelpful?)

What to write? Ramadhan has passed, sad but I feel it passed swiftly. The best thing about Ramadhan will always the time we jemaah for Solat Terawih at home. Anak-anak kept on asking, ‘Berapa lagi Bu?’.. and slothfully will finish all 8 + 3 rakaats.. hehehe.. how sweet. They will miss the moment one day, for sure.

This Ramadhan, Muhsin was just about 1 month ++, and his buai we put next to Imam @ Mr B. All minds alert to his baby whine sound, gerak sikit je, everyone (especially the 4 sisters) couldn’t wait to finish the last salam.. hehehe.. cute.

And the most special part for this particular Ramadhan was – it was a stay-at-home month, with salary and bonus, I must say. Wasn’t it a good treat, y’all? :o) Alhamdulillah. I needn’t to rush back home (office normally release at 5.00pm), and I had ample time to prepare for desserts for berbuka puasa. Dapat juga bersedekah to the nearest 4 neighbours. Alhamdulillah.

Timing was just nice that my pantang habis 1 week before raya that I managed to do the preparation, busying here and there, cleaning up and down, vacuuming to and fro, feather-dustering left and right.. bz being an absolute housewife! Stock for home-made cookies were all ready. Only time I wish to catch up with. Cita-cita memang tinggi.. hehehe.. Ada hati nak buat pineapple tart, cornflakes cookies and Mazola nut cookies.. (at least) but, till now (this moment I write on 1 Oct 09 – the 12th day after raya!), the pastry-cookies stock still there, maintain the way they were being put; nice and tidy ~ since the last time I bought ‘em. Selamat Hari Raya, my friends, my family. I promise to make at least one type of cookies before end of Hari Raya ye anak-anak? I promise. :o) But, proudly tell ya, at least I did bake moist chocolate cake with simple decoration for Marieah’s birthday last 27 Sept.. ok? I’ll post the photo very soon. The evidence. Hehehe..

Nah, the cake.

Hah, laku pun.. :o)

Salam Hari Raya y’all. Still more to visit and ask for forgiveness, yeah?