Thursday, October 1, 2009

After Raya Blogging

Hehehe.. see, I forgot I have a blog to update. I forgot my first intention to have a blog. Teruk betul. (Actually, I remember – once a while, it’s just that I don’t have time to slot for blogging). Wait! Is time really the reason? Hehehe.. ok lah.. no. That procrastination problem that live long inside me that engendered me why. Unfavorable. It’s bad. I know. Help. (Is it unhelpful?)

What to write? Ramadhan has passed, sad but I feel it passed swiftly. The best thing about Ramadhan will always the time we jemaah for Solat Terawih at home. Anak-anak kept on asking, ‘Berapa lagi Bu?’.. and slothfully will finish all 8 + 3 rakaats.. hehehe.. how sweet. They will miss the moment one day, for sure.

This Ramadhan, Muhsin was just about 1 month ++, and his buai we put next to Imam @ Mr B. All minds alert to his baby whine sound, gerak sikit je, everyone (especially the 4 sisters) couldn’t wait to finish the last salam.. hehehe.. cute.

And the most special part for this particular Ramadhan was – it was a stay-at-home month, with salary and bonus, I must say. Wasn’t it a good treat, y’all? :o) Alhamdulillah. I needn’t to rush back home (office normally release at 5.00pm), and I had ample time to prepare for desserts for berbuka puasa. Dapat juga bersedekah to the nearest 4 neighbours. Alhamdulillah.

Timing was just nice that my pantang habis 1 week before raya that I managed to do the preparation, busying here and there, cleaning up and down, vacuuming to and fro, feather-dustering left and right.. bz being an absolute housewife! Stock for home-made cookies were all ready. Only time I wish to catch up with. Cita-cita memang tinggi.. hehehe.. Ada hati nak buat pineapple tart, cornflakes cookies and Mazola nut cookies.. (at least) but, till now (this moment I write on 1 Oct 09 – the 12th day after raya!), the pastry-cookies stock still there, maintain the way they were being put; nice and tidy ~ since the last time I bought ‘em. Selamat Hari Raya, my friends, my family. I promise to make at least one type of cookies before end of Hari Raya ye anak-anak? I promise. :o) But, proudly tell ya, at least I did bake moist chocolate cake with simple decoration for Marieah’s birthday last 27 Sept.. ok? I’ll post the photo very soon. The evidence. Hehehe..

Nah, the cake.

Hah, laku pun.. :o)

Salam Hari Raya y’all. Still more to visit and ask for forgiveness, yeah?

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