Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome Ramadhan 1430H!

Ramadhan being the holiest month is commonly tie with dates, doa, terawih, solat sunat, mosque, family bondings ~ what a great pack!

I love Ramadhan. The ambience is different. I could smell the virtous atmosphere. Kinder words are exchanged, mosques are packed with visitors; the Qurans are practised; the loud and ear-splitting music ~ replaced with the Quranic sounds.Normally, we would wake up so early to do Tahajud, do lots of Solat Sunat.. everyone feelings modest and humble, being the servant to Allah the Almighty.

I started with can or cannot I puasa. I do really wish if I could commemorate this Ramadhan. First time with Muhsin. I missed the 1st terawih. Hope I could get chances to do it daily. I do really wish this Ramadhan will be the more meaningful and blessed one. May this Ramadhan brings us more rahmat from Allah and may us all be blessed, Amin Ya Rabb.

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan.

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