Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome Ramadhan 1430H!

Ramadhan being the holiest month is commonly tie with dates, doa, terawih, solat sunat, mosque, family bondings ~ what a great pack!

I love Ramadhan. The ambience is different. I could smell the virtous atmosphere. Kinder words are exchanged, mosques are packed with visitors; the Qurans are practised; the loud and ear-splitting music ~ replaced with the Quranic sounds.Normally, we would wake up so early to do Tahajud, do lots of Solat Sunat.. everyone feelings modest and humble, being the servant to Allah the Almighty.

I started with can or cannot I puasa. I do really wish if I could commemorate this Ramadhan. First time with Muhsin. I missed the 1st terawih. Hope I could get chances to do it daily. I do really wish this Ramadhan will be the more meaningful and blessed one. May this Ramadhan brings us more rahmat from Allah and may us all be blessed, Amin Ya Rabb.

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The August 2009 Happenings

1st August 2009 - Aqiqah at Muhsin's 7th Day

3rd August 2009 - Nadiah's 11th Birthday!

17th August 2009 - Insyirah's 8th Birthday!

Muhsin's First 28 Days

28 days

25 days

25 days

7 days

5 days

1 day

2 hours

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's In the Air?

What's happening all around now?

1. H1N1 scare.
67 cases of death reported as at yesterday, it's all due to local transmission. Being everywhere especially the crowded place is at high-risk. Seriously, everyone could have the possibility to get infected. I am so worry about kids going to school in fact, but definitely they couldnt just hang around at home, just because of the Mommy's scare. There is a doa that I always do everyday :

"Aku membenteng diri dengan nama Tuhan yang mempunyai kemuliaan dan kekuatan, aku berpegang teguh pada Tuhan yang menguasai alam nyata dan tidak nyata, aku bertawakkal kepada Tuhan yang hidup dan yang tidak mati selama-lamanya. Semoga kiranya Engkau hindarkan KAMI ya Allah dari bala dan wabak. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Kuasa atas tiap-tiap sesuatu.." Amin Ya Rabbal'Alamin.

2. 1Malaysia.
National unity? Yes. 1Malaysia promotes unity among races. Think and act like one nation. Talk about people, not bangsa. We are no longer a nation of individuals nor races. But, having the Malay mindset, I still hope that we Malay wouldnt loss our priviledges being MALAYsian. Am I not 1Malaysia oriented?

Hope we are all united in peace. One people. One nation. (Macam S'pore pulak bunyi nya eh?). 1Malaysia. I support.

3. Sugar shortage.
Seriously? Serious-lah! At the big stores, they limit you to 2 packs each customer. Hey, Raya is coming lah! How to bake unsweetened cookies? Or.. should we start the sugar-free diet? Uncaramelized pudding, anyone? Can you imagine? There's a say : 'That it shall never come again is what makes life is so sweet'. Hehehe.. no, not in this REAL-sweet thing, please..

Salam 'the Healthy Sweet 1Nation', guys.

He Found the Site!

Pheww! It appeared on his laptop being the most frequent visited website (maybe on his laptop). Suddenly popped-out. I was surprised myself to see my photo emerged abruptly. Laaa... kaget jap. Swiftly I run through my mind ~ what did I write before eh? Was there anything 'bad' I wrote about eh? Aiyoo...

B : You have your own website?
Me : Err.. yeah. I have.
B : What for?
Me : My life journal.
B : Why didnt you tell me you have one?
Me : What for?
B : My wife have a website and I dunno about it. Why do you keep things from me?
Me : I did not link it to anyone, and far that I let my friends to know about it. I just created it for my ... bla.. bla.. bla..

So, here are the reasons why and what's the (my) purpose of getting this blog published.

1. Throw my ramblings. Writing my heart out.
But I must admit that I cant really throw everything in here. Some maybe too personal. Some maybe super-duper sensitive. Some maybe could hurt someone's feelings. I avoid bad repercussions.

2. Life chronicle.
Yes, and it should be updated every now and then. My problem is that I always forgot I have an e-diary that I should bring up-to-date. I just grab pen and jot everything (normally the feelings) down in my note-books (not one, not two, not three also!) The most conventional way. That's the most easiest method rather than turning the PC on, wait for the cursor to turn upside down, searching for the network and not to mention the hang interval! By the time I log into my blog, all of my colorful ideas gone peter out. :o) But, I dare not to be left behind the fast growing technology that the world is now crazy about. Hey, I'm in!

3. Organised safekeeping.
Yeah, to compare with the manual writings and ramblings here and there. Higgledy-piggledy. This blog helps everything to be systematic. One after another. Not jumbled like the way it used to be. (Still is.) And I should learn to coordinate photos and do the upload frequently.

Salam sayang, B.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's 19th Day!

How slow time is for me to 'run' again. It's my 19th day, but I am slowly off the practice of the traditional pantang. No more pilis (I must admit I get more rabun these days), param ~ gosh, no. But I still take the pantang food - black peppered lauk with ikan and vege, need to drink a lot of water. Skin become dry, maybe because of the jamu and ma'ajun. Cita-cita tinggi, to gain back the old weight to fit healthily into before-preggy clothes. Old weight means let loose (at least) 10kg. That's what I said, what a goal! I can. I believe I can.

Talking about my little prince, Muhsin - he wakes up every 2 hours at nite. His mom is adjusting her sleep pattern these 19 days. But I should be seen healthy, with no eye bag and panda-looking eyes. How? Dunno. Hehehe..

He is getting smarter, he reacts to our communication with him. Something not good infected to him since the last 3 days, and he is under medication, Insya Allah - it should be off by tomorrow. Get well very soon, son. I love you very much. And family ~ I love you very much too. Pray that Allah will provide us His continous bless every each day of our lives. Amin Ya Rabb.

Till I write again, salam keceriaan.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Being Myself

0013 hrs

Do I always care for others; their pain, their tiredness, their needs, their feelings, theirs all? Yes.
Do others always care for themselves; their pain, their tiredness, their needs, their feelings, theirs all? Yes.
Do I always care for myself; my pain, my tiredness, my needs, my feelings, my all? No. Others first.
Do others always care for myself; my pain, my tiredness, my needs, my feelings, my all? No. Others first.