Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ayam yg Penyet

Cubaan berani buat ayam penyet yg senget

.. dan sambalnya.. hah, yg ni jadi.. sedappp!

Apa nak tulis ni?

Selalunya pada waktu yg lain, I selalu ada idea apa nak ditulis dalam blog, bila dah betul-betul ada access, dok depan komputer.. hmm.. tak kuar pulak idea ni.. ni yg nyampass ni..

I sign out dulu till I got the idea what to write ekk.. bowingnyer... mana gi idea ntah..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dishes for Today

Simple Brownies, baked for anak2 malam tadi for today's afternoon munch

My breakfast bekal gi opis

B's breakfast pagi tadi


Kalau berminat dengan resepi, here it is :


Fish fillet

2/3 cawan tepung gandum

1/3 cawan tepung jagung

1/3 cawan fresh milk

1 biji telur

sedikit serbuk kunyit

sedikit garam




Sedikit bawang besar

Lady's Choice Coleslaw Mayonnaise

Sedikit cuka

Sedikit garam


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Apple Crumble Bars

Dasar :
1/2 buku butter - suhu bilik
2 sudu besar gula pasir
1 1/3 cawan tepung
1/2 sudu teh garam
4 biji epal
5 sudu besar gula pasir
1/4 sudu teh serbuk buah pala (cinnamon)
2 sudu kecil tepung jagung
2 sudu kecil lemon juice
4 sudu besar jem buah2an (I used mixed fruit jam)
Crumble :
1/2 cawan tepung
3 sudu besar gula
4 sudu besar butter - softened
Cara :
1. Kupas, and potong epal kecil2. Dalam skillet besar, campurkan potongan epal, gula dan serbuk buah pala. Masak dengan api sederhana panas, kacau sehingga lebih kurang 5-7 minit, sehingga epal menyerap jus gula dan buah pala.
2. Dalam cawan yg berasingan, campurkan tepung jagung dan jus lemon. Sebatikan.
3. Tuang jus lemon dan tepung jagung ke dalam skillet berisi epal di atas dapur, kacau sehingga 3 minit atau sehingga pekat. Ketepikan.
4. Panaskan oven 170 darjah celcius, gris pan dengan butter.
5. Dalam mangkuk berasingan, masukkan tepung, gula dan garam. Sebatikan.
6. Masuk butter yang lembut ke dalam adunan tepung tadi dan sebatikan sehingga seakan-akan breadcrumbs.
7. Padat-padatkan ke dalam pan, bakar selama 10 minit. Keluarkan dari oven.
8. Lengserkan jem ke atas base yg telah dibakar tadi dan tuangkan epal masak tadi ke atasnya.
9. Gunakan mangkuk lebihan tadi untuk gabungkan semua bahan untuk membuat crumble. Sebatikan sehingga semua menjadi berderai. Taburkan ke atas epal pai, sehingga menutup keseluruhan permukaan. Bakar sehingga 25-30 minit. Sejukkan dan potong bentuk petak. Hidangkan.

Atypical Ahso

Susah bila ada orang yang terlebih bijak ni kan? They are one of a kind problematic creature.

I just dont understand. Whatever that is, let them be, I shall just ignore and as usual, if I have to sweep 'em clean, I will ~ spotlessly (ada ke perkataan ni ek? hehehe).

Seems now that I have to give 'em my cold shoulder. Yeah, that's the best I'd do to this peculiar spesies. Suka hati u lah makcik.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Miracle Does Happen

Last Saturday, 14 November 2009 ~ we went to Angsana. 6 of us. The 2 big brothers, Mai and Ins, plus us the parents.

3 purposes of going, the Big Bros to the book shop, B to find car perfume, and the three of us to the jewelry's shop to find something for Mak’s birthday on Sunday, 15 Nov.

We chose and we made our mind up to buy for Mak and B bought for me the lovely bangle plus few others, cost few hundreds. Then we precede to buy present for B’s staff for their housewarming, I suggested flower decoration. We went up to the 5th Floor. Selected the two most beautiful (to our eyes) after almost half an hour to to-ing and fro-ing the kedai north-south-east-west, we finally agreed on the same two beautiful arranged flowers, and get ‘em paid. Since I was carrying the most big and heavy posy, worrying the 2-paper-bags of jewels to fall down during my sibuk-sibuk carrying down the bunga yg besar gedabak itu, I asked Mai (daughter) to hand over ‘em to B which was just few metres away. (He was carrying few bag plastik yg ringan. If you pelik why wife carries heavier, the reason being : The slipdisc.) *grin*

We went makan-makan after that out of Angsana, at BBU. Happy, happy eating, by the time the cashier was pening-pening calculating what we took into each and individual’s stomach, suddenly I remembered to ask B, where were the bags he put at? He said, I didn’t came across any paper bag, only plastic bags. Gosh, depan2 cashier tu, I readily to-eat-monster-stare to Mai, she pointed to Ins, and they kept on pointing each other, no end. I was mad like the hungry lion! Memang nak kena.. B tried (tried ok..? hehehe) to calm me down, the more I thought about the cost, and the shiny sparking bangles, I felt infuriated boleh terangkat macam dalam Matrix tu.. really, I tell ya..

Nak sedapkan hati (I la..) B brought us back to Angsana. It was already closed! It was 10.15pm. Memang la dah tutup. Tapi, nak jugak puaskan hati (I lagii...) we went in guna pintu belakang, where all the late-shoppers find their way out, we went up to the 5th Floor, that kedai, yg daughters claimed the last spot was already closed and so gelap gelita. I was ready to chomp the girls! Memang nak kena makan budak-budak ni. Diaorang jauh dari I, pandaiii... and were securely protected by the Father @ B-ku itu. I just head my badan yg tengah marah ni turun, balik. Everyone followed. No one said anything, and I just walking my way out in silence, calming myself down, and berserah. Masih with the monster-grrrrr stance. Girls were crying, tau pun takut.

Not a single chat in the car on the journey back home. Semut berbual pun leh dengar, cam tu. Semua orang masuk tidur after that, me with the same outfit sampai pagi. Marah punya pasal. Geram.

The next day, around 10am, B ajak gi Angsana, just checking whether that things still there or memang kitorang ni takde rezeki. I brought Muhsin along. That baby soothed me down. Reached around 11am, dah 1 jam Angsana tu bukak.. Butterflies, cockroach, lizards in the stomach masa nak sampai kat kedai tu.. from a distance, I saw the ‘undisturbed’ 2-orange-paper-bags on one of the displays right in-front of the cashier. Rushed, rushed.. checked inside, semua ada.. lengkap dengan resit sekali! Felt so much relief, Alhamdulillah. Masa nak ambil balik tu, I told the cashier I took back my jewelries paper bag that left overnight kat kedai dia tu. That Chinese lady said, ‘Ooo.. saya tak tau ada barang lain di situ..’.

Alhamdulillah, no one cares to pick and run with ‘em. Allah dah menjadikan itu masih rezeki kami semua. I called home and told Mai, found ‘em. Brushed her jugak dengan bebelan I pasal rasa tanggungjawab thing, not to just buat tak tau jek.. dah 10 tahun, bukan budak tecit lagi.. ye dak? That was the 2nd time happened kat shopping complex macam tu. Peristiwa awal sebelum tu, handphone. Put right on top of the racing car kat game centre. Out and realized after 5 minutes, it was already gone! We were all out for cinema masa tu, everything turn sour lepas tu, even the movie didnt catchy anymore. Miracle happened, while waiting for 3pm's movie, in the surau after everyone's zohor, I received call, to collect the phone at the pop-corn centre. Agaknya the 'thief' kesian and tak sampai hati saw the kids cried after I scolded them macam harimau lapar masa tu.. Again, I believe Allah detikkan hati untuk rasa begitu. I thank Allah for that miracle.

And this time again, I thank Allah. Allah SWT is indeed the Almighty Powerful and we are all such weak, vulnerable human beings.

Alhamdulillah. Puji-pujian untuk Allah, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Shall Not and I Shall

"Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't" ~ Anonymous

I shall not bump my head against the same wall again. I shall keep my distance. I keep on forgetting and I shall not forget the failings. There's nothing redeeming. Already knew it, but keep on having the good thoughts. I shouldn't. World is quite mean. Sincerity is expensive.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A 'Sweet' Rival

I was late to the office this morning. Definitely there was a sweet-basis reason why so. I called the office to notify. Unpredictably my colleague said that the Big Boss was already in. I didn’t know there is a Board Meeting held today. Gosh. I feel incapacitated, suddenly. I stopped by at the emergency lane on the highway. Not wanting to turn up to the office. I cried my tears out. I feel bad to continue the drive.

Why was that happening? Whose fault? What’s wrong with me? I didn’t know everything there is to know. I don’t want to be seen as a wayward irresponsible employee. Can I blame it to the reason that I was not in the loop for the notice of the meeting held today? I trust I can. I was not in the list. As always. (Is someone trying to put me through the mill?)

The Chairman is in the office very seldom. Occasionally. Infrequently, I must say. All the while, while he is away, I’m in the office, I abide by the employment rules and regulations. I can swear that in many occurrences before it were always the ‘good fortune’ that I knew Datuk was coming. The heads-up were always the buzzy colleagues, or the Corporate Comm asking what the Big Boss’ diet for meal prep for the to-be-held event, or the cleaner tidying up the room a day before. (Who told the cleaner?)

Eventually, by the time I reached the office this morning around 0930hrs, he sat in discussion with one of the Board of Directors, in his room. His room is spick and span, readily open by the cleaner earlier. (Someone notify the cleaner in the dead of last night?)

Was I being blacken-out off the circle? I think I am.

To you Ms Perfect, I know what you are trying to do. Since Day 1. Days in, days out and you managed to do it, proven. Have 'em as you wish, all the picture perfect on you. And just you alone, as if you are the only eager beaver.

I really pray, may peace be upon you. All that is good comes from Allah and all that is bad comes from mankind's shortcomings.

My doa to all of us, for all the difficult things in this life, may Allah ease our paths, take care of our hearts, bind our hearts with His love and head towards the good altogether.

p/s: A shout out to my wonderful and thoughtful friends, you know who you are too ~ Thank you! You rescued me! ~ What matters most is what kind of friends we have. I truly appreciate them to bits.

The Undone

I have almost ...err.. hundreds.. errr.. many lah favourite photos that I've kept aside to scrap with. And... I have still not started!

(Frames are all ready. Still nicely wrapped just like the day they were bought. That was last year.) *smile*.*and smile again*.

*I think I need a slap so that I'll be more hardworking*.

*smile again*

Quiet, Mum @ work!

Kek Pisang yg belum bakar, gambar selepas.. dah tak sempat snap! :o)

Roti Lapis Daging with Cheese

Puding Longan Sos Kastard
Blueberry Cheese Tart? Looks like. :o)