Monday, November 9, 2009

A 'Sweet' Rival

I was late to the office this morning. Definitely there was a sweet-basis reason why so. I called the office to notify. Unpredictably my colleague said that the Big Boss was already in. I didn’t know there is a Board Meeting held today. Gosh. I feel incapacitated, suddenly. I stopped by at the emergency lane on the highway. Not wanting to turn up to the office. I cried my tears out. I feel bad to continue the drive.

Why was that happening? Whose fault? What’s wrong with me? I didn’t know everything there is to know. I don’t want to be seen as a wayward irresponsible employee. Can I blame it to the reason that I was not in the loop for the notice of the meeting held today? I trust I can. I was not in the list. As always. (Is someone trying to put me through the mill?)

The Chairman is in the office very seldom. Occasionally. Infrequently, I must say. All the while, while he is away, I’m in the office, I abide by the employment rules and regulations. I can swear that in many occurrences before it were always the ‘good fortune’ that I knew Datuk was coming. The heads-up were always the buzzy colleagues, or the Corporate Comm asking what the Big Boss’ diet for meal prep for the to-be-held event, or the cleaner tidying up the room a day before. (Who told the cleaner?)

Eventually, by the time I reached the office this morning around 0930hrs, he sat in discussion with one of the Board of Directors, in his room. His room is spick and span, readily open by the cleaner earlier. (Someone notify the cleaner in the dead of last night?)

Was I being blacken-out off the circle? I think I am.

To you Ms Perfect, I know what you are trying to do. Since Day 1. Days in, days out and you managed to do it, proven. Have 'em as you wish, all the picture perfect on you. And just you alone, as if you are the only eager beaver.

I really pray, may peace be upon you. All that is good comes from Allah and all that is bad comes from mankind's shortcomings.

My doa to all of us, for all the difficult things in this life, may Allah ease our paths, take care of our hearts, bind our hearts with His love and head towards the good altogether.

p/s: A shout out to my wonderful and thoughtful friends, you know who you are too ~ Thank you! You rescued me! ~ What matters most is what kind of friends we have. I truly appreciate them to bits.

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