Wednesday, August 19, 2009

He Found the Site!

Pheww! It appeared on his laptop being the most frequent visited website (maybe on his laptop). Suddenly popped-out. I was surprised myself to see my photo emerged abruptly. Laaa... kaget jap. Swiftly I run through my mind ~ what did I write before eh? Was there anything 'bad' I wrote about eh? Aiyoo...

B : You have your own website?
Me : Err.. yeah. I have.
B : What for?
Me : My life journal.
B : Why didnt you tell me you have one?
Me : What for?
B : My wife have a website and I dunno about it. Why do you keep things from me?
Me : I did not link it to anyone, and far that I let my friends to know about it. I just created it for my ... bla.. bla.. bla..

So, here are the reasons why and what's the (my) purpose of getting this blog published.

1. Throw my ramblings. Writing my heart out.
But I must admit that I cant really throw everything in here. Some maybe too personal. Some maybe super-duper sensitive. Some maybe could hurt someone's feelings. I avoid bad repercussions.

2. Life chronicle.
Yes, and it should be updated every now and then. My problem is that I always forgot I have an e-diary that I should bring up-to-date. I just grab pen and jot everything (normally the feelings) down in my note-books (not one, not two, not three also!) The most conventional way. That's the most easiest method rather than turning the PC on, wait for the cursor to turn upside down, searching for the network and not to mention the hang interval! By the time I log into my blog, all of my colorful ideas gone peter out. :o) But, I dare not to be left behind the fast growing technology that the world is now crazy about. Hey, I'm in!

3. Organised safekeeping.
Yeah, to compare with the manual writings and ramblings here and there. Higgledy-piggledy. This blog helps everything to be systematic. One after another. Not jumbled like the way it used to be. (Still is.) And I should learn to coordinate photos and do the upload frequently.

Salam sayang, B.

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