Monday, May 25, 2009

My First Published Thoughts

Today, feel like time is running slow and boring. To the fact that no superiors around at the office that (free time) allows me to spend my time searching, exploring, rummaging around which finally ended up; me having my own blog!! (Wah.. macam tak percaya.. cayo lahh!)

From now on, I can pen my thoughts here.. on whateva.. (Yes!) hehehe.. macam online diary la kan..? Game on!

See you (you means me ~ myself, since I only have myself who read this today and till I received comments from other who reads this.. hehehe).

Have a pleasant day! Amin.


  1. well.. finally u got sum1 to read dont u? me oso a newbie in dis kind of bloggin community.. got nobody to read mine.. but i juz keep writin n enlargin my networkin.. now ade la sorg dua bace.. haha.. salam perkenalan.. :)

  2. jrry, thanks and congratulations for being my 1st blog reader! (I likeeee...)! Gimme your blog address for me read about you.. now you've got sorang dua.. so let me be the 3rd one.. thank you and cheers! :o)

  3. well im not realy often updatin my blog.. juz got a few postin.. got nothin interested to write in for sure.. kinda bz sumtimes, tonnes of works ave to be done..

    p/s: u can reach my blog by clickin my pic on ur follower column.. it stated there.. :)