Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Break 2 (days)!

Am at home today, and tomorrow. Catching up time with kids before they are all back to school. Planned to go somewhere out, have bright and breezy day with the family.

Just finished cooking Bubur Lambuk (my first time) and sausage rolls for breakfast, but up to this hour (0900 hrs), my happy-spirit lass goobers are yet to wake up. Boleh ke cam tu? Nak kena kejut ni.. anak daro.. anak daro.. four of them, ya know?

Till I write again soon. (Noted, not one in the previous list is yet to be started till I write this.. gossshhh.. help me out of this procrastination mode!) I will do at least 2 of those today.. organize photos and snap photos.. It's a photo-snappy-posy day!!

Salam rest-day!

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