Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ms Preggy : Week 32

To buy that beautiful little dress or those adorable tiny basketball shoes? Is it a boy? Or is it a girl..? According to my big bulge, people predicted it’s a girl.. (surely because of the huge-looking hump around my waistline la tu..). At this point (of last trimester) all have been prepared. At least to the 95% preparation of baby items… and ehemmm.. they are all in blue colour, ok? :o) The only thing that are not included are the big ones such as baby-cot, stroller and the baby car seat. But that baby-cot, needs to be finalized fast la kan? 53 days to go lagi tau.. But, I know why we still in the search, because most of what we found were not up to the one that we both can agree. So, this weekend.. another round ye B? :o)

I gotta buy everything new.. since the last time I got pregnant was the last 8 years.. all have been donated, even to dunno who.. Allah bless. Now, this new baby will get the whole new things. Lucky baby. (Insya Allah, Amin Ya Rabb)

Back to the baby’s gender, my instinct it’s a boy. So does my hubby. And we have prepared only boy’s name. Insya Allah. To the latest scan we had last month (at 7 months), Dr Laila owed me another scan at my next visit. Sebab.. my baby is so so shy-shy-baby.. it couldn’t be seen, his/her umbilical cord covered that particular part. Ala shayang.. you got your Ibu and Ayah in big guesswork la baby…

I myself feel like pregnant for the first time. First time Momma.. (cekonon..). I gotta search and surf all over the net to get all info on pregnancy, labor, baby care and all the pregnancy terms. I am utterly surprise that many I have forgotten rupanya.. to take jab at 7 months+, to sterilize baby bottles beforehand, to search for jamu dalam pantang ~ gosh, cant you see how far I left the past behind..? (in actual fact is how bad my memory is.. hehehe..)

Till then, I’ll be back. Pray for me and my baby.

Salam semut. Lagi. :o)

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  1. InsyaAllah, u'll safe sis.. semoga dikurniakan anak2 yang soleh.. :)

    p/s: so how old is your 1st kid kak? girl?