Thursday, July 30, 2009

Journey Before the Delivery

Curi-curi masa to write before I forget all.. jottin' down what happened during the last moments of journey before delivery.

I craved for cheese cake, drooling. Tell ya, I am not a cheese-cake lover before. On Tuesday, the 22 July ~ I took time off 1 hour from work and dengan ke'mendak'an perut yang agak besar (bukan agak lagi.. memang besar.. hehehe), I headed to Jusco Bukit Indah purposely to buy cheese. Few types of cheese, cekonon nak buat cheese cake sendiri, or pizza with cheezy-melekat-meleleh toppings, and also cheese cake ready made for me to nibble. Met Dilla - Jumboul there and she said she ngeri to see my perut.. hehehe.. besar la tu..

Back to the cheesy story - got all those, sangat berpuashati walaupun sebenarnya tak larat sangat nak jalan.. baru start kereta nak balik, dah suku habis cheese cake tu.. hahaha.. punya la tak sabar.. sampai patah2 sudu plastik tau.. teruk! I kept on spooning sampai licin while driving.. tak ke bahaya tu kan? :o) That nite, we did mini pizzas on the bread slice with mozarella toppings. Jadi la.. craze over cheese. Maybe not me, maybe the baby. Hehehe..

On 24 July 2009 - Friday, there was blood show in early morning, around 6.30am. Since I didnt feel any pain, we agreed (B and me) that I go to work.. he sent me over after breakfast at Tmn Perling. Applied for maternity leave commencing 27 July 2009 though bersalin or not, that is the most solid reason why I should be in the office, for the last day working and 'gelak-gelak'ing with office-mates before the long holiday. Ye lah, nanti rindu kat opis..

Told kawan2 office that I got blood show this morning and they asked me to go to hospital to check, worrying that I'd start to feel the contraction at office and they'd get so gelabah to handle it.. I delayed it till noon sebab tak sakit.. and at 1230 hrs, my lovely caring and loving friends, Halizah and Azzah voluntarily sent me off to hospital (for the condition check-up). We had lunch at McD where I got myself the most cheezy burger.. :o).

Then, off to Hospital, I got on me the CTG which clearly shown no contraction. The midwife and doctor, Dr Noraini verified that I might took a week to deliver since the servic is still no show of opening (very soon). But Dr Noraini said that the baby's heart was not performing fantastically and would like to see if the baby's heartbeat performing the same pattern later. I've asked to come for check-up the day after, 25 July @ morning.

Back home with B, I wanted cempedak goreng. Macam-macam.. hehehe.. (dah lama gak nak cempedak goreng ni..) We bought buah cempedak mentah kat Kipmart (to goreng ourselves back home) and cempedak goreng to munch along the way back.

Malam, I helped B with org chart and tido lambat, around 1 am settling those. No worry, baby arrival lambat lagi.. :o)

At 3.00am, I started to feel the consistent contractions, at its 10 minutes once. I woke B up, got ready to go to hospital sebab takut terbersalin kat rumah.. and we reached hospital around 4.15am. B bawak kereta punya la laju.. (ye la, jalan kosong.. selalunya traffic jam cam apa..)

'Checked-in' to the Delivery Suite no 3, the contraction started, on and off.. minor then strong, I was on gas and pain killer injection around 6.00am. Zikir are all around me. The labour pain, tell ya.. indescribable.

B was with me, holding my hand and whispering all the zikir. 7.48am, a healthy baby boy of 3.1kg born to us. Received by Dr Noraini. Alhamdulillah. It was a heavenly experience. Sub-conciously, macam terawang-awang. Alhamdulillah, terima kasih Allah. Terima kasih B for being there with me going thru the pain between life and death.

Alhamdulillah. Salam kesyukuran.


  1. I wish I can celebrate this moment again..I am still hoping for the rainbow..

  2. Jem, I'm praying for you. Always believe.