Friday, April 9, 2010


Seriously I dunno what to write though there are lots of nice goings-on too precious not to mention.

One of those, the home-coming.

Allah definitely has His reasons and our actions have consequences, but I believe that these consequences will always lead to something better, despite it being a little ugly sometimes. Allah works in mysterious way indeed. However, most important is what’s inside. The best you give, out of your sincerity and kerana Allah, the best will come to you. May be slow but sure.

And I always believe that life sometimes gives us a second chance. And whenever we decide something with an open heart, we usually make the right decision.

May Allah helps us everyone of us to continue to accept one another, each faults and all with unconditional love, just like the way Allah loves us all.

The perfect family. That’s it. When it’s perfect, I hope for no more than its continuous well-fit. Amin Ya Allah, Amin.

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