Thursday, June 23, 2011

That Days..

Hari Jumaat lepas, kami ke Putrajaya.

Then hari Sabtu, we attended this (below photo), 2 hari you.. sampai almost midnite. Ilmu yang tidak ternilai. Alhamdulillah. Insya Allah, akan kami praktikkan, kalau tak dapat semua, yang mana applicable.

(Ingat Dr Azizan cakap, if you think through business you nak jadi kaya, you takkan jadi kaya. You do business because.... you want to add value to other people life)

I agree with you 299% Dr!


Pastu, hari Isnin, pepagi kita bertolak pulak ke Kuantan, ke..

Hantar Mahfuz register Dip in Quantity Surveying (UTM course)

(masa kitorang nak balik, bergenang jugak la air mata dia..

Kuantan is foreign to him, to us all juga)

*our doa is always with you, Son*


Then, Hubiby ada kerja kat Terengganu.

Mak tinggal sensorang. Boring gedegek kat hotel.

Rindu rumah.


Ni masa dah nak check out.

Happy to be back home.


On the way back, we stopped by to my dear friend's house.

Who is my cakes lover.

Who is my senior at ITM.

Who is my sister.

Who is all of a sudden keep her silence.

Never call, never message for almost 3 months.

We have the address, found her house, we just tried our luck to knock her door.

Door opened by her Mom, from far I saw one skinny weak and pale woman sitting on arm chair, trying to see who's coming.

Demi Allah, I cried my tears out, I ran to her, hugged her and felt a lifetime sorry that I didnt know the bad condition she was in.

Breast cancer. Stage 3.

Ya Allah, Ya Allah, Ya Allah.. please save my sister.

Please give her chance to live her life as before.

She was so bubbly, caring and loving person.

Caring and loving she is but so weak, in acute pain.

..That moment I saw before my eyes how cancer cell fiercely damaged your body.

Ya Allah, I promise her my pray for her recovery every of my solat.

Ya Allah, everytime I think of her, I hope I transmit the healing vibes.

I wish I had a magic wand, to make it go away.

K Has dear, I pray for your recovery, hoping soon you will be okay.

Insya Allah.

Amin. Amin. Amin Ya Allah.

*in tears*

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